Markets & Applications


Solar Building Blocks Tapping a World of Opportunities


High efficiency CIGSolar™ cells provide an immense opportunity to service multiple existing market segments. These high efficiency solar cells may soon become the solar building blocks for a wide variety of product applications including:


  • An Alternative to the Use of Silicon Cells: A virtual drop in replacement for silicon solar cells. This is a vast market opportunity to replace costlier technology.  

  • To Lower Input Costs to Existing Module Designs: CIGSolar cells can be installed in large area modules, similar in size to traditional silicon modules, making market acceptance and installation simple.


To be used in applications spanning multiple market segments including:


  • Utility Scale Solar Fields: The modular building block format of CIGSolar™ cells can be tailored to deliver the needs of any size solar farm or application. The constraints of monolithic thin film technology no longer limit panel size.

  • BIPV Products: High performance thin film CIGSolar™ cells can be designed into an array of building products including roofing materials, building facades, and glass.

  • Residential Markets: Unlike other lower performance thin film solutions, high performance CIGSolar™ modules may offer the energy density necessary to make residential applications economical.