Proven Formats & Manufacturing Techniques from Compatible Industries


 XsunX’s CIGSolar™ technology utilizes high throughput, small area CIGS Co-evaporation, wet CdS deposition, and metallization on sputter-prepared discrete stainless steel substrates to produce high efficiency low cost CIGS solar cells.


XsunX thin-film CIGS technologists and manufacturing experts work with leading producers of manufacturing equipment utilized in the following markets:


  • The magnetic media and hard disck drive industries,
  • PCB and semiconductor industries,
  • Crystalline silicon manufacturing, and
  • And advance materials and composites industries


XsunX integrated these technologies to develop CIGSolar™: The Manufacturing Advantage.  This is a patent-pending, new hybrid manufacturing solution designed to produce high-performance, low-cost thin-film CIGSolar cells.  We combine the best of sputtering techniques and thermal co-evaporation deposition on small area devices to achieve the high conversion efficiencies that national laboratorieshave been doing for years. Small-area deposition provides the best thin film cell performance and lowest cost advantage.

Modular Efficient Design

Our staff experience includes nearly 15 years of thin-film and CIGS experience in successful technology development, equipment design, and the production of several million square feet CIGS products in a commercial production setting.  Our Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Robert Wendt, has worked side by side with leading researchers at NREL and, in fact, shares an R&D 100 award with NREL staff for efforts related to CIGS technology development.



In 2008, National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL)
produced 19.9% CIGS devices using co-evaporation.