Company Profile


Based in Aliso Viejo California, XsunX, Inc. is a public reporting company, trading on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board market (the OTCBB) under the symbol XSNX.OB.

As a technology development company, we believe our success comes from empowering our partners with breakthrough technology that addresses product market needs, offers rapid time-to-market to stay competitive, and stable pricing to ensure solar affordability  for our partners and their clients.

We leverage existing technology and re-engineer proven processes to create  CIGSolar™: The Manufacturing Advantage.  This new, hybrid, patent pending manufacturing solution is designed to produce high performance, low cost thin-film CIGS solar cells;  a low cost alternative to traditional silicon solar cells currently used in nearly 75% of all solar modules manufactured worldwide.

Our CIGSolar™ solution revolutionizes the solar industry by providing  the highest yield CIGS manufacturing technology available in the market today.  Robust magnetic media manufacturing technologies combined with proprietary thin film co-evaporation manufacturing processes will: 


  • Improve CIGS solar cell efficiency for  lower per watt production costs

  • Provide tighter process controls with highly efficient small-area (about 6”x6” square) solar cell processing techniques

  • Provide multi-megawatt production through-put rates through the use of high-rate material processing and handling technologies proven to  improve yields and lower costs within the HD industry.

  • Increase production yields through the use of stainless steel substrates that reduce breakage loss and increase manufacturing yields.

  • Incentivize manufacturers by reducing per megawatt capital investment and per watt product production costs while achieving sustainable differentiation in the highly competitive solar market.


 XsunX has assembled a World Class Team responsible for all aspects of the installation and implementation process:


  • Complete CIGSolar cell manufacturing lines Dependable, high-throughput, high performance, reliable process equipment
  • Over 100 years of combined manufacturing and TFPV experience
  • World-wide engineering support
  • Complete end-to-end project management
  • World-wide installation, implementation, and service for production lines