Technical Expertise


Robert Wendt,
Senior Scientific Advisor.


Mr. Wendt, as a member of the XsunX Scientific Advisor Board, provides XsunX with CIGS technical expertise in the areas of research & development, process development, planning, methods of manufacture and design, third party technical and resource review or approval, and analysis of research and development data.  

Mr. Wendt’s technical background and prior experience includes product development and engineering at Global Solar Energy. At Global Solar, Mr. Wendt led and directed several areas including CIGS technology development, equipment design and integration, facilities design and construction, engineering, production, and operations.  Prior to Global, Mr. Wendt was at ITN with responsibility for the development of thin-film deposition technologies, thin-film PV, and development of charge controller/battery systems for portable solar cell powered systems. Prior to joining ITN, Mr. Wendt spent eight years with Lockheed Marietta Astronautics, Denver Division. While in this position, Mr. Wendt was program manager/principal investigator on over 20 material-based programs. During 1994/1995, Mr. Wendt was the technical lead for thin-film PV research at the Denver Division. Mr. Wendt holds a B.S. and M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering and Material Science from the Colorado School of Mines.