XsunX CIGSolar™ Thermal Evaporation System:

Project Graphics and Build Updates


CIGSolar™ Thermal Co-Evaporation
System Design Rendering

To help investors and customers keep track of the progress of our system build we are providing this web page where we will post periodic updates and pictures of our progress.


As a background to new visitors, after validating that the development of our patent-pending CIGSolar™ technology had resulted in the proprietary techniques necessary to produce high conversion efficiency CIGS solar cells, our next business development objective was to provide hands-on access to interested customers of a production-sized multi-chamber CIGSolar™ system. Below you can find updates to our progress as we transition from the system design to an assembled and functioning CIGSolar™ system.



XsunX CIGSolar™ Thermal Evaporation System:

Assembly Completion 11/2/12


Above: CIGSolar® Co-Evaporation System

This CIGSolar® tool build update provides a significant milestone in our project – pictures of our assembled evaporator.


You might also notice that we are now using a registered trademark symbol for our CIGSolar® brand. We are please to also announce that the USPTO recently awarded the CIGSolar® mark to XsunX.



Above: Vacuum, Electrical, Air, and Cooling Sub-Assemblies







With the significant efforts of assembly behind us now our focus can turn to start-up, calibration, and bringing all aspects of the system into operational balance.  We plan to start that work Saturday the 3rd of November.


The purpose of this work is to adjust and record how the system performs so that we can establish the system set points necessary to produce high performance CIGS films.



Above: CIGSolar® Overhead View

To the left is an overhead view of the system. To help with the management of the electrical, controls, air, and cooling systems we elected to employ the use of an overhead rack system.


We anticipate using the end support frames of the system as our controls and supply systems location in future production versions of CIGSolar® evaporators.  We believe that this will make set-up and hook-up of the system easier to mange while also requiring less floor space, and infrastructure costs.



Above: CIGSolar® Internal Deposition Chambers & Crucibles






To the right you can see a peek of the internal deposition chamber and patent pending crucible configuration. The system relies on multiple smaller area deposition zones combining to create the ideal CIGS deposition environment.



Above: CIGSolar® Centralized Control Systems






Management of all primary CIGSolar® systems is performed  at a single console. The controls cabinet pictured to the left houses virtually every aspect of system  configuration and process control.


Everything from the speed at which the substrates move through the system to the deposition recipes  are controlled from this location. The cabinet will be closed to ensure safety once we begin operating the system.