World Class Implementation and Support


Developing the World-Class High-Rate CIGS Thin-Film Wafer and Wafer-To-Module Production Systems

XsunX is breaking down the barriers to producing high performance, low cost thin film solar modules and solar integrated products in volume.  Although we focus on the development of solar technology and products, we are not a systems or a machine manufacturer. We work with world-class experts who have established and seasoned reputations.

 As a technology development company, we believe that our success comes from empowering our partners with breakthrough technology that incorporates the best systems and designs to address product market needs, rapid time to market to stay ahead of the competition, and pricing to make solar affordable for our partners and their clients.

The XsunX CIGSolar™ Production Line is being developed to enable our partners to upgrade existing infrastructure or establish new large scale manufacturing capacity to produce low cost high performance CIGS solar cells for use in a multitude of applications

XsunX has also teamed with module line equipment manufacturers capable of providing the “back-end” process equipment for a complete turn-key factory to produce CIGSolarâ„¢ modules.

And we have assembled a world-class Team with over 100 years of combined manufacturing and TFPV experience that is responsible for all aspects of the installation and implementation process. We can support:


  • Guidance for the installation of  CIGSolar™ into existing wafer and/or module facilities
  • New facility design and guidance
  • Complete on-site installation and training
  • Qualification of regional materials
  • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), R&D support, and product reliability expertise
  • Extensive sales channel development and support
  • World-wide engineering support
  • Complete end-to-end project management


For more information on how your organization can benefit from our unique and proprietary CIGSolar™ lines, please email and provide us with some information on your organization and goals.