XsunX CIGSolar™ Thermal Evaporation System:

Project Graphics and Build Updates 10/10/12


Above: CIGSolar™ Cable Management, Cooling, and Control Systems

The last of custom vacuum and system power supply components were recently completed. Importantly, the completion of these parts has allowed us to launch a fast track schedule with the goal of completing assembly of the CIGSolar™ evaporation tool in October.



Above: Evaporation Crucibles & Expanded Main Control Cabinet










While these custom parts were being fabricated we were far from idle. Extensive work has gone into fit-ups for the vacuum system, main power supply, safety and cable management systems, and preparing and assembling the insulation packs for our patent pending evaporation technology.


With the core of all fabrication and preparation complete, the exciting process of final assembly of all aspects of the CIGSolar™ evaporation tool is now under way.