Careers for a CIGSolar™ Future


XsunX, Inc. is developing and working to commercialize a hybrid manufacturing solution to produce high performance Copper Indium Gallium (di) Selenide (CIGS) thin film solar cells.  Our patent pending deposition system and thermal evaporation processing technology, which we call CIGSolar™, focuses on the mass production of individual thin-film CIGS solar cells that match silicon solar cell dimensions and can be offered as a high-efficiency, capital-efficient, lowest-cost alternative to the use of silicon solar cells.

Our thin-film CIGSolar™ cells are the first solar cell technology to target an existing multi-billion dollar silicon solar cell supply chain as a less costly alternative. The CIGSolar™ solution offers the potential to revolutionize the solar industry offering the highest yield CIGS manufacturing technology available in the market today.

So if your career path drives you towards trying to make a difference in how solar technology can influence the worlds energy needs then XsunX offers opportunities to help you achieve these goals. Please select from the categories below to view available positions and outlines of requirements.


Currently Available Opportunities 

  Job Title: Process Development Engineer
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June 6, 2012