XsunX CIGSolar™ Thermal Evaporation System:

Project Graphics and Build Updates 2/13/12


Above: Main CIGSolar Chamber & Access Doors

To the left the chamber doors are being fitted for installation.  There are four main access doors that when opened allow almost unobstructed access to the internal system components such as the material conveyors, evaporation crucibles, heatingpacks, and shielding. Once the fitting is complete the doors willremain off until the end of the assembly process.


Below are some of the material handling rail systems that frameand provide support for the integrated material conveyors and heating system.






Above: Material Handing Rail Supports

The material handling and conveyor systems have been designed as packs that integrate with the heating system in each process zone. This way pre-assembled  system “packs” can be used to reduce the time necessary to service the system replacing damaged or worn parts. 


This allows for the replacement of material handling and heater systems as a single unit which can easily be slid into and out of the system  during service cycles.







Above: Main CIGS Process Chamber

The picture to the left shows the open architecture of the CIGSolar™  process system which allows these system “packs” to be easily removed and replaced.


Prior to installation in the system the material handling and conveyor system packs are being bench assembled and tested for load stress. Once this process is completed these assemblies will be added to the main chamber, shown to the left, and to the vacuum load lock system shown below.


Above: Vacuum Load Locks