Project Graphics and Build Updates 11/28/11


Multi-Zone CIGSolar™ Chamber Bottom

During the initial stages of our build, the many core

components such as our patent-pending thermal effusion source heater assemblies, shielding, material transport systems, and dozens of system control and sensing ports were finalized allowing the machining of the chamber shell to begin.


These pictures show 1” steel plates in the final stages of machining prior to the start of the main chamber system assembly scheduled to start the week of November 28th.


Once the chamber weld assembly is completed, the process of adding the various working internal assemblies will begin.



Multi-Zone CIGSolar™ Chamber Top

So, while the design of the system started with specifications for the exact location our thermal effusion sources and extended out through the many parts and pieces of the complete CIGSolar™ system, the assembly process will take place using the opposite path starting with the chamber walls and finishing with the installation of our effusion sources.