XsunX CIGSolarâ„¢ Thermal Evaporation System:

Project Graphics and Build Updates 4/23/12


Above: Video of Cold Automation Testing

In our last update we provided the picture below showing the CIGSolar system taking shape as the  main evaporation chamber material transport sub assemblies were being installed.


In the last week, the material feed-in systems located at each end were attached and the process of cold automation testing was begun.









Above: Installing and Prepping Automation for Cold Testing

The video above provides a glimpse of the cold automation testing process. The focus is to place temporary carriers into the material feed-in system and allow these carriers to be processed throughout the CIGSolar tool from the point of material feed-in through exit.


This testing is used to adjust the system as necessary prior to closing and encasing wire assemblies and installing the cover panels in preparation for vacuum testing. The focus is on sequencing and operation to ensure accuracy.




Above: Automation System Control Panels




To the left is one of several of the CIGSolar system’s control cabinets being populated with controls for the automation systems.


The focus now is the sequenced preparation and testing of automation, vacuum, heating, and controls prior to preparing the tool for shipment to XsunX.


Our patent pending thermal evaporation crucible systems will be one of the last components to be installed into the CIGSolar system and we plan to complete that on-site at XsunX.