XsunX CIGSolarâ„¢ Thermal Evaporation System:

Project Graphics and Build Updates 4/03/12


Above: XsunX CTO, Robert Wendt, inspecting fit and function

In earlier build updates we have mentioned that various components including the material handling system were undergoing “bench testing” operations. As these bench testing procedures are being completed the components are then being installed in the system.


To the left, Mr. Robert Wendt, XsunX’s CTO, is assisting our vendor and inspecting the installation of portions of the material handling system into the main evaporation chamber.








Robert is also engaged in preparing and assisting our vendor with the installation  of the machine control systems to function with our evaporation components. Each of these systems, material management and evaporation, perform different tasks, but work in unison to allow our process recipes to execute as intended.