XsunX CIGSolar™ Thermal Evaporation System:

Project Graphics and Build Updates 7/30/12


Above: Unloading the Major CIGSolar™ Components

With the delivery of the CIGSolar™ system to the new facility in July, we reached a major milestone. Our focus now is on final assembly and preparations for start-up and customer demonstrations.


Delivery of other parts and support  systems necessary to complete the assembly and to operate the tool have been occurring almost daily.



Above: Staging Components Outside Our New Irvine Facility






Supporting the CIGSolar™ tool are a host of systems including compressed air to operate valves, a chiller to draw heat from the chamber walls and maintain safe operating conditions, power supplies to drive our proprietary thermal evaporation crucible systems, and a wet processing system necessary to create an important junction between the CIGS absorber and the transparent top conductive layer of the solar cell.



Above: Entry Load Lock Lifted and Prepped for Installation



In addition to re-assembling the major chamber components that had previously passed acceptance testing prior to shipment (as shown in the pictures to the left and below), we have also been working with contractors to complete the electrical, chemical, and other certifications necessary to operate the CIGSolar™ tool.


The new facility is working out very well and we are excited to be working to finalize our CIGSolar™ project.



Below: Service Access to Main Process Chamber is Made Easy With Doors On Each Side



Below: Main Chamber Installation of Material Handling Packs