XsunX CIGSolar™ Thermal Evaporation System:

Project Graphics and Build Updates 5/4/12


Above: Vacuum Leak Testing & Back-Side Access Panels

In our last update, we outlined how our focus was the sequenced preparation and testing of cold automation, vacuum, heating, and controls prior to preparing the tool for shipment to XsunX.


The system has now passed both cold automation and vacuum leak testing. The pictures to the left and below show the CIGSolar™ system with the large service doors attached and undergoing leak testing procedures.









Above: Installing Access Doors & Prepping Vacuum Leak Testing


To pass the cold vacuum test, the system underwent a “leak-down rate” test where it is brought under extreme vacuum and  must hold different vacuum rates for various periods of time. This cold testing procedure was completed on 5/4/12.


The schedule and efforts will now move  forward to completing the assembly and installation of the heating system and controllers so that we can transition to testing the heat system.







Above: Vacuum Leak Testing Procedures

Once the heating system has passed initial testing, a final series of procedures will allow the CIGSolar™ tool to undergo testing of all systems while the tool is under vacuum and fully heated.


During this series of testing, the system will be cycled repeatedly through all the operations in unison to ensure proper operation.


After completion,  the system will be prepped for shipment to XsunX. The installation of our patent pending thermal evaporation crucible systems will be one of the last components to be installed into the CIGSolar™ system which will be completed on-site at XsunX.