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CIGSolar®  Assembly Completion

Date: 11/06/2012

Good Morning,


This CIGSolar® tool build update provides the successful completion of a significant milestone: pictures of our assembled CIGS evaporator. You can view pictures of the CIGSolar® evaporator using  this link.


You might notice that we are now using a registered trademark symbol for our CIGSolar® brand. We are pleased to also announce that the USPTO recently awarded the CIGSolar® mark to XsunX. Our patent pending evaporation technology is still in the review process with the USPTO, but we were very pleased to have received our trademark. We believe that this helps to further our brand and technology recognition.


Our recent expansion into our new facility and efforts to complete the assembly of our CIGSolar® evaporator has been a busy and exciting time for XsunX.  With the completion of the assembly, we immediately began the start-up, testing, and calibration of our patent pending CIGSolar® technology on Saturday, November 3rd. Our goal is to complete this process and begin customer demonstrations as quickly as possible.


The purpose of the calibration process is to first validate all aspects of the system as they work individually and together, make necessary adjustments, and document system performance.  By accomplishing this task, we can establish the system set points which are necessary to create the ideal process environment to produce high performance CIGS films. Fortunately, through the extensive work during our development process, we know exactly what those requirements are.


With the assembly completion behind us, potential customers have been contacting us with considerable interest in seeing demonstrations of the CIGSolar® system.  We are as excited and eager as they are, so we are working with these customers to answer questions and schedule on-site meetings while preparing our CIGSolar® evaporator for the deposition demonstrations.


Thanks for your time and patience, have a great week, and we look forward to sharing more progress in the near future.


The XsunX Team


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