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XsunX Business and Technology Update

News Regarding Sales and Marketing Pipeline, and Base Line CIGSolar System Build-out

Date: 09/13/2011

Good morning,

As a follow-up to our August Newsletter, we wanted to provide an update of our progress from both the sales and marketing perspective as well as on the multi-chamber CIGSolar™ system.

From the sales and marketing side, customer interest has continued to be very strong since the confirmation from NREL of CIGSolar 16.36% peak conversion efficiency. Weekly since the announcement, new customers interested in learning more about CIGSolar™ have contacted us. This marketing activity has allowed us to grow our active and outstanding proposals to over $500 million.

It’s very encouraging that over the last several months we have been able to achieve two important goals necessary to commercializing our technology. First, validating that the development of our patent-pending CIGSolar™ technology has resulted in the proprietary techniques necessary to produce high conversion efficiency CIGS solar cells, and secondly, the fact that our manufacturing approach and licensing business model is earning very strong market interest in multiple regions.

Our next business development objective is to provide hands-on access to our production-sized multi-chamber CIGSolar™ system to those customers who want to test the capabilities of our CIGSolar™ technology. This test fulfills a contractual requirement triggering deposit payments with several of our signed customers, and in general, is a key milestone to closing many more pending orders.

In regards to the progress of the build-out of our multi-chamber CIGSolar™ system, last week we received delivery of our proprietary thermal evaporation crucibles and heater assemblies. If you are interested, we have added a new page to our web site with some information about this new crucible technology.

In addition, progress with the fabrication of the multi-chamber evaporator and material handling systems are continuing, and the balance of all the necessary components or vendors have been coordinated to allow these parts to arrive when needed to allow us to complete the assembly of the system as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time and have a great week.

The XsunX Team

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