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XsunX Outlines Milestones for July - Finalize New Facility, Patent Application, and NREL Test Samples

Date: 07/05/2011

Hope your 4th of July was packed with good times,

Here at XsunX, July will be a month with progress milestones on several fronts. In addition to our continued work fabricating our first CIGSolar™ multi-chamber system, the team at XsunX plans to finalize the selection of our new technology facility, submit patent filings for our thermal evaporation source design, and we should be  receiving feedback from the National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) on test results for CIGS samples.

In June we narrowed our facility selection to two buildings, and since either location provides a good fit for our needs, we will select the facility with which we can negotiate the best deal. Complicating the selection process was our requirement for industrial rated power services in a less than industrial sized facility. Due to the significantly smaller footprint of our system’s design, and our innovative technology licensing plan, we have eliminated the need for large-scale costly manufacturing facilities.

On the intellectual property development front, what differentiates our CIGSolar™ technology from the other CIGS technologies is our use of small-area continuous processing of multiple discrete substrates to mass produce individual CIGS solar cells. Instrumental to accomplishing this technology is the design of our thermal evaporation source. We believe that in addition to our designs providing the type of thermal uniformity necessary to produce the ideal evaporation environments, these designs may also qualify for patent protection. We are finalizing our initial patent application and plan to file in the next few weeks.

Several months back we outlined that in addition to our internal testing capability, we had engaged the assistance of industry experts, such as Evans Analytical Group (EAG), to provide detailed film analysis. EAG helped to validate the composition of our films, and to identify areas that we plan to further fine-tune.  Also, customers have asked for performance validation through NREL so we submitted samples for testing. We hope to receive and share the results of those tests this month.

Thanks for your time and have a great week.

The XsunX Team

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