High efficiency flexible CIGS solar cells provide an immense opportunity for use in multiple market segments. They are the solar building blocks for a wide variety of applications including:


  • Replacing Existing Silicon Wafers: A virtual drop in replacement for the costly and unpredictable silicon wafer costs. This is a vast market opportunity to replace aging technology.
  • Utility Scale Solar Fields: Due to the modular building block aspect of using wafers solar module size and power output can be tailored to deliver the needs of any size solar farm or application. The constraints of monolithic thin film technology no longer limit panel size.
  • BIPV Products: High performance thin film flexible CIGS wafers can be designed into an array of building products including roofing materials, building facades, and glass.
  • Residential Markets: Unlike lower performance thin film solutions, high performance CIGS modules deliver the energy density necessary to make residential applications economical.
  • Consumer Products: A growing array of consumer products from hand held devices to vehicles and gadgets of all types have begun to integrate solar. Thin film CIGS wafers can be sized to meet the needs of these rapidly growing market segments.


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