CIGS - Redefining Solar


β€œIn conclusion, over the long-term future, NanoMarkets believes that CIGS is a leading candidate for the future of PV. The CIGS' value proposition offers the high efficiencies of c-Si combined with the benefits associated with TFPV and will likely take hold in the long run.”  

NanoMarkets, LC Report January 2009


To date CIGS exceeds all other thin film solar cell performance delivering nearly 20% conversion in laboratory environments. The National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) believes that CIGS solar module efficiencies could easily match silicon performance while costing less to produce. It is this high efficiency low cost potential for CIGS, and its wide array of uses and applications, that provides the basis to drive the cost of energy production for alternative sources to unprecedented new lows.


For this reason NREL views CIGS as a significant solar technology and supports continuous development and research efforts related to CIGS thin films. XsunX has found interest and support for its CIGS program at NREL and is working with NREL to establish a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) to assist in the commercialization process.