Cross-Industry Solution


XsunX Thin Film CIGS


As part of our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of technology, XsunX has been continuously exploring opportunities to combine our thin film expertise with advances in manufacturing technologies from related industries that we believe can work together to overcome current solar technology manufacturing limitations.


In late 2008 XsunX began investigating cross-industry thin film solar manufacturing concepts that we believed provided an opportunity for us to combine proven thin film solar processes with state-of-the-art mature magnetic media thin film manufacturing technologies derived from the hard disc drive (HDD) industry to improve manufacturing output, increase cell efficiency and production yields, and lower the costs for the production of high efficiency Copper Indium Gallium (di) Selenide (CIGS) thin film solar cells.


In January 2009 XsunX began working directly with the HDD industry to validate this thin film CIGS manufacturing breakthrough potential. We have since validated the opportunity, entered into working agreements, and commenced efforts to combine our TFPV expertise with HDD manufacturing systems.