XsunX CIGSolar™ - Leveraging Existing Technologies and Developing Partnerships to Minimize Risk and Expedite Time-to-Market


We are working to complete an entirely new and proprietary manufacturing process that delivers high rate, high efficiency, and low cost thin film CIGS solar cell manufacturing solutions to produce low cost CIGS products. We call our new technology CIGSolar™ and these systems will initially produce 125mm format (about 5” squares) solar cells, eventually scaling to 156mm and 210mm formats (about 6” and 8” squares). It is the ability of our system design to achieve exceptional per hour production rates that we believe will provide superior commercial opportunities. Our CIGSolar™ cells will be manufactured on stainless steel foil and are similar in size to silicon solar cells used in nearly 80% of all solar modules manufactured today. System features and advantages include:


Proven High Rate Systems
  • Performance: Significant aspects of the CIGSolar™ system architecture is derived from proven hard disc drive deposition systems that account for the production of over 600 million disks per year – equivalent to nearly 1.8 GWp per year if this output were solar cells.

  • Factory Efficient and Flexible:  Small system footprint allows for increased Megawatt (MW) production per factory square foot. A 100MW line could be installed in the same space required for a 25MW thin film amorphous silicon production line. This represents a marketable advantage for CIGSolar™.

  • Multi-Industry Solution:  A CIGSolar™ system, an innovative solution which can produce just solar cells or complete solar modules, offers opportunities for manufacturers seeking:

    • To provide a low cost per watt drop in replacement for Poly-Si or c-Si silicon wafers to a large group of existing solar module assemblers
    • BIPV products that require the use of small or flexible solar cells that can be adapted for use in a multitude of different shaped and sized solar BIPV products

  • Low Per Watt Costs:  XsunX has estimated that based on only 12% efficiency, far from the near 20% potential of CIGS, the per watt factory productions cost for solar modules could approach $.80 cents per watt. This provides near silicon efficiencies at significantly lower cost.