Company Overview


XsunX Company Profile


XsunX, Inc., an established solar energy company, is developing a breakthrough thin-film photovoltaic (TFPV) cross-industry technology that may soon utilize the excess manufacturing capacity of the hard disc drive (HDD) industry to mass produce high efficiency, low cost solar cells to truly capture the power of the sun.


Our mass production, cross-industry technology breakthrough will increase cell efficiency, improve production speeds and yields, and dramatically lower the cost for solar cells. This novel approach bridges the gap between inexpensive thin-film and high efficiency silicon wafer technologies to produce solar cells for multiple market segments and a wide variety of applications. The mass production of individual, high performance, flexible solar cells – like solar building blocks – will allow solar power to finally compete effectively against other sources of electrical energy by driving the cost to less than $1 per watt.


XsunX’s extensive solar expertise, experience and proprietary technology will allow us to seek joint ventures with larger companies and generate revenue through licensing fees and manufacturing royalties.