Thin Film Knowhow


XsunX Thin Film CIGS Know How - Not Starting From Scratch


Our resident XsunX thin film CIGS technologists and manufacturing experts are working jointly with a leading producer of manufacturing equipment utilized in the hard disc market to create a unique process of coupling small area deposition (approximately 5X5 inch squares), material control, and material transport technologies from the disk drive industry for use in the production of thin film CIGS solar cells.


XsunX is providing specific, very special nuances and techniques on the best deposition and processing parameters of the CIGS thin film layers and backend solar module assembly techniques, which we believe are necessary to achieve low cost AND high conversion efficiency CIGS.  We are adapting sophisticated high rate production tools from the disk drive industry with process knowledge from the CIGS and thin film industry.  By maintaining a relatively small deposition area, we believe we reduce a significant challenge that has faced the CIGS industry in the past: maintaining cell performance while scaling production.  XsunX believes that this approach can potentially revolutionize the solar industry.


We are combining the expertise and years of technological improvements derived from the sophisticated hard disc drive manufacturing industry with XsunX staff experience in the thin film industry. Our staff experience includes nearly 15 years of thin film and CIGS experience in successful technology development, equipment design, and production of several million square feet of CIGS products in a commercial production setting.  Our Chief Technology Officer has worked side by side with leading researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) and  shares an R&D 100 award with NREL staff for efforts related to CIGS technology development.