CIGS Production System


The XsunX approach is to capitalize on past commercialization experience of CIGS using proven evaporation processing techniques and to combine this experience with smaller area deposition within high rate hard disk drive (HDD) equipment. It is expected that the combination of these two principals will lead to solar conversion efficiency approaching that achieved in laboratories as well as achieving the high yield and high throughput common in  the HDD industry.


XsunX System Combines Mature HDD Systems with CIGS Expertise to Reduce Time to Market


Key Advantages Include:


Leveraging Previous CIGS Commercialization Experience

  •  Not Starting from “Scratch”
  •  Lower Cost Re-Tooling of Existing Systems
  •  Utilizes:
    • XsunX Developed Evaporation Technology
    • Pre-existing Equipment Designs
    • Pre-existing Material Handling, Software, Heating, and Vacuum Systems
    • Proven!! Hard Disk Drive Mass Material and Process Control Techniques

  • Supports:
    • Rapid Development
    • Expedited Time-to-Market
    • Scalable Design for Fast Production Ramp-up


While the thin film solar industry has focused efforts on the development of large area manufacturing systems, previously used to make television displays to now make solar cells, the HDD industry has elevated the techniques of high rate processing, material transport, and material quality to unprecedented levels.


These systems offer compact design requiring significantly less manufacturing floor area than traditional large area deposition systems, and deliver process speeds that XsunX believes will allow these systems, once adapted, to produce millions of high efficiency
CIGS solar cell wafers annually.