The Product


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Performance Specifications


  • High Power Module: (127.5 Watt@STC) using thin amorphous silicon
  • 7.9% Stabilized Efficiency
  • Environmentally Friendly – No Heavy Metals such as cadmium or lead
  • UL, TUV & IEC Certifiable
  • Dimensions – 100 X 160 cm
  • High Voltage: 50V/100V , ideal for use with high power inverters for On-Grid applications




Specification Sheet Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Solar Modules


ASI-120 Solar Modules are designed to outperform silicon wafer, CIGS, and CTde in environments where other solar panels experience significant electrical output loss. These PV modules use two stacked layers of amorphous silcon, a proven and reliable thin film material, to achieve a stabilized effciency of 7.9% at the module level. These modules use an aluminum frame and standard UL approved J-box, include a self-tapping grounding screw, instructions, and warranty documentation.


Grid-tied commercial and utility installations most commonly use large amounts of solar modules that are mounted in an array either on a roof or on the ground, are interconnected, and feed electricity through DC/AC inverters and then directly into the power grid maintained by a local utility.


XsunX will produce solar modules that are compatible with the current standard engineering designs of solar modules and can be seamlessly integrated into the current design and build of these large solar installations.