Executive Summary



December 2008




Market Profile


Sector: Renewable Energy


Solar Module Manufacturing


Market Cap:
(As of January 19, 2009,  approx. $34mm)


Share Price:
(As of January 19, 2009, $0.18)


Fiscal Year:  September


52 Week High-Low:
$0.17 - $0.57


Average Trade Volume:



Shares Outstanding:



Float: 169,264,370


CEO:  Mr. Tom Djokovich

COO:  Mr. Joseph Grimes


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23365 NE Halsey
Wood Village, OR
Tel: 949-330-8060
Fax: 949 330-8061


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Located in Portland, Oregon, XsunX, Inc. (XsunX) is a thin-film photovoltaic (“TFPV”) company that is executing a phased plan to build and operate 100+ mega-watts (MW) of amorphous silicon (“a-Si”) thin film solar module manufacturing capacity.  The Company is working to complete the installation of its base production infrastructure in Oregon, USA and develop initial production capacities to 25 MW in 2009 scaling to approximately 35 MW in 2010. The Company plans to begin the addition of production lines in 2010 growing capacities to over 100 MW as rapidly as possible. 


XsunX believes that its proprietary manufacturing systems, module design and choice of materials may allow it to enjoy initial production costs of approximately $1.27 per watt.  As the Company’s manufacturing processes and through-put are optimized, we anticipate driving production costs to sub $1.15 per watt, and longer term efforts are anticipated to produce sub $1.00 per watt costs.

The Company is developing the technological infrastructure to manufacture high performance, TFPV solar products at a time when market demand for such products is rapidly growing. 

The Market: An Unfulfilled Need


We believe the solar market represents a high growth opportunity nationally and internationally, both currently and into the foreseeable future. The global demand for electrical energy has experienced significant demand growth due to increases in populations and emerging economies.


Within the markets for solar products we anticipate that escalation in demand for solar products based on TFPV technologies will out perform the balance of the solar market. Comments from LUX Research, 'Solar State of the Market Q1 2008: The End of the Beginning' report, July 2008 offer the following;


“Thin-film PV technology has reached critical mass and is poised to grow to $19.7bn in sales by 2012, taking a 28% share of the solar market.”


XsunX Value Proposition


XsunX believes that it has created a commercialization roadmap that results in clear and quantifiable market advantages. The Company plans to invest approximately $50mm to install its base TFPV manufacturing infrastructure including facilities, and operations. This represents approximately less than ½ the per watt costs for similar turn key systems available through large semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, the base facility, when fully optimized, is anticipated to be capable of annualized production capacities of 35MW providing per watt costs nearing $1.00.  


The Company believes that a formula of low per watt module manufacturing costs, capital equipment investment costs of less than ½ the competition, a rapid time to market, and the superior performance characteristics of amorphous TFPV may provide XsunX competitive advantages within the TFPV and broader solar product markets.



The Strategy

XsunX’s business strategy is to deliver thin film solar products that meet the performance needs of the large solar farm and utility scale installation market.  The Company is now executing a well researched and designed commercialization program that provides much needed solar thin film products using mature a-Si thin film material processes and advanced manufacturing techniques.  At the center of this program is a proprietary turnkey manufacturing line for the production of high performance thin film solar modules. This process line utilizes well established “best process steps” from an assortment of high tech industries.


Competitive Performance Advantage

An analysis of solar technologies by IBIS & Associates, released in January 2008, provided insight to the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), a metric by which electricity generation technologies are compared. The study compared a group of solar technologies in a 1MW simulated installation in the Phoenix, AZ and Portland, OR areas. The study focused on technology performance, Balance of System (BOS) costs, and total projected annual AC output.

The IBIS study found cost and performance advantages in the use of the XsunX a-Si solar technology in contrast to conventional silicon wafer, and three other commercialized TFPV technologies. The report highlighted the Company’s ability to market solar modules at prices in excess of $3.20 per watt for installations in Phoenix, AZ and provide customers with the lowest cost per kW/h of produced electricity as well as the best performance among incumbent PV technologies deployed in field installations.

Shown within the context of this study, XsunX believes that its ASI-120 solar module can provide lower cost and superior performance to a marketplace seeking products that consistently and dependably deliver electricity over a wide range off installation environments.


The Product

XsunX’s ASI-120 Solar Modules are designed to deliver: 


  • High Power: 127.5 watt using two layers of thin film amorphous silicon (tandem junction)
  • Environmentally Friendly:  No heavy metals such as cadmium or lead
  • UL Certifiable
  • High Voltage: At 50V or 100V, the XsunX solar module is ideal for high power inverters used for commercial and residential roof top and solar field applications
  • High Performance:  Less loss of electrical output than standard silicon wafer modules experience in indirect light, shade, high temperatures, cloudy or hazy conditions or in Northern latitudes


Sales & Distribution

XsunX’s distribution strategy is to service the multi-mega watt solar farm installation market, delivering cost advantages through the use of superior solar conversion technologies and manufacturing efficiencies.  In anticipation of commercial production, XsunX developed a pre-sales reservation program for large users of solar. As of January 2008, the Company has signed agreements with solar system integrators indicating interest in over 140 MW of production across calendar years 2009, 2010, 2011.



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