XsunX Target Markets


An increasingly sophisticated marketplace has evolved in which large scale solar installations are becoming commonplace with customers who are more cognizant of the different factors determining the economic payoffs of their investment in a solar system.  These grid-tied commercial systems and solar farms consume mega-watt sized amounts of solar panels, and purchasing managers are keenly focused on reducing costs across the entire installation matrix, including the performance characteristics of the solar modules within the context of each particular installation environment.


Solar systems installers looking to satisfy the module needs of these large and long term projects are looking for opportunities to secure access to modules supplies. The XsunX ASI-120 watt solar module is ideally suited for use in these projects and we believe that our module production capacities can be pre-sold well into the future.


We have focused the design of our solar module to target these key market sectors:



Primary Target Market – On-Grid 1MW and above


  • Solar farms
    • USA State mandated renewable energy initiatives
    • License Holders in Germany, Spain & Canada
  • Gov’t Agencies (DOD)
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • Department of Defense
  • Power Purchase Agreements
    • Renewable Ventures Domestic and Foreign
  • Utility Companies
    • Meeting Green Mandates
  • Large Commercial Installations


These markets are ideally suited for pre-sale and long term supply contracts.