Thin Film Solar Market


Sales of solar products are currently growing at over 25% annually.  Sales of thin film solar products are growing at over 33% annually.  Most analysts project that thin film solar markets will continue to grow faster than traditional silicon wafer markets.


In order for the solar industry to supply the amount of solar product needed to meet market demand, exponential growth rates will become endemic for at least the next decade.


Macro Growth Drivers
Global PV Production (GW)



  • Political Support and Government Subsidies
  • High Energy Prices
  • Technical Progress and Cost Reductions
  • Advantages over other Renewable Energy Sources:
    • Proven, commercialized technology
    • Negligible environmental impact
    • Reliable, no delivery risk
    • Maximum generation coincides with peak energy demand
    • Distributed, point-of-use generation


Thin Film PV will out perform the balance of the solar market.


Favorable changes in consumer preferences and government policies towards renewable energy have created significant market growth for photovoltaics.  While the current market conditions are excellent for all producers of solar products, producers of thin film solar products who provide extra value in performance and cost stand to reap even larger market growth and profits.