XsunX TFPV Products  


XsunX has designed its TFPV product to service a wide range of installation environments and deliver performance characteristics addressing the needs of solar farm and utility grade applications.  We believe that our XsunX ASI-120 module delivers high power output (relative to other thin films), and size and framing that would allow for the use of many existing mounting systems. In doing so, we believe our modules strike a balance between silicon wafer modules and lower rated power thin film modules.


Competitive Advantages


In response to market interest XsunX recently funded a comparative analysis of solar technologies performed by IBIS & Associates. The report, released in January 2008, provides insight to the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), a metric by which electricity generation technologies are compared. The analysis compared the XsunX ASI-120 module with a group of other solar technologies in a 1MW simulated installation in the Phoenix and Portland areas.


The IBIS study found cost and performance advantages in the use of the XsunX a-Si solar technology in contrast to conventional silicon wafer, and three other commercialized TFPV technologies. As shown within the study, XsunX believes that its ASI-120 solar module can provide lower cost and superior performance to a marketplace seeking products that consistently and dependably deliver electricity over a wide range off installation environments.


About IBIS Associates


IBIS Associates, Inc. is a management-consulting firm that specializes in assisting clients with business development decisions concerning materials based manufacturing technologies.  Founded in 1987 by professors and students of MIT’s Materials Systems Laboratory, IBIS applies quantitative tools, methodologies and focused techno-economic skills to business development and operations solutions.  The firm has worked on projects in nearly every Industrial sector, but has principle practices in the Automotive, Electronics, Alternative Energy, Specialty Chemical, and Biomedical Industries.