"We are delighted with the recognition" says Joe Grimes, COO of XsunX, "for the efforts we have made to work with state and local governments, local utilities and community colleges as well as being an advocate for continued growth in the solar sector." 
Mayor David Fuller states " Wood Village is a city that believes in strong partnerships with its local businesses.  We are very pleased with the cooperation that exists between XsunX, City staff and the Council of Wood Village.    We are pleased to receive the Business Development Success Story award and thank the Portland Development Commission's nomination of Wood Village for this prestigious award.  We see a bright future with XsunX adding significant jobs and growth to the local economy.”





MoneyTV, Week of 9/21
Date: 9/21/2007


MoneyTV, Week of 9/21
Friday September 21, 5:00 am ET

LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Sep 21, 2007 -- MoneyTV is the nationally syndicated television program all about money and what makes it happen, (http://www.moneytv.net), featuring informative interviews by hosts Donald Baillargeon and Skip Lindeman with company CEOs, providing insights into their operations and outlooks for their futures.

Free information packages from the featured companies can be requested by sending an email to .

The television program can also be viewed online immediately at www.moneytv.net.

Featured companies on this week's program include:

BioCurex, Inc. (OTC BB:BOCX.OB - News) Chairman Dr. Gerry Wittenberg spoke of the company's RECAF cancer marker, which can differentiate between healthy cells and cancer cells. He also announced the ability to treat as well as detect cancer.

1st Global Financial Corporation Spokesman James Farinella announced $10 million in additional transaction business for the company.

Sunrise Energy Resources, Inc. (OTC BB:SEYR.OB - News) CFO Roman Livson updated results of their Well # 21 and commented about the political landscape in Ukraine and the security of their business model there.

XsunX, Inc. (OTC BB:XSNX.OB - News) CEO Tom Djokovich explained how the company's transitioning from a licensing to manufacturing concern gives them more control over their technology.

Itronics, Inc. (OTC BB:ITRO.OB - News) CEO Dr. John Whitney announced a new product in the company's Gold 'N Gro fertilizer line, which includes a deer repellent.

Indymac Bank's Mortgage Minute Guy Roger Schlesinger said that the Fed's rate Cut does not mean your mortgage rate is going down.

Viewers of MoneyTV can receive free information in the mail about featured companies by calling the toll-free phone number on their TV screen. The weekly television program debuted in 1996 and is broadcast nationally in the USA to 70 million U.S. homes on Saturdays at 11:00 AM ET, Sundays at 8:30 AM PT, 8:30 AM ET, 9:30 AM ET, 3:30 PM ET and Mondays at 6:30 PM ET.

MoneyTV is broadcast to 45 million TV homes in Western Europe, Wednesdays at 5:00 PM

MoneyTV is also broadcast on UPN-TV in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Sundays at 8:00 AM.

MoneyTV is also available in Thailand on the Broad TV Network.

A complete menu of TV listings is available at the MoneyTV web site, http://www.moneytv.net

MoneyTV television program, Copyright MMVII, all rights reserved. MoneyTV does not provide an analysis of companies' financial positions and is not soliciting to purchase or sell securities of the companies, nor are we offering a recommendation of featured companies or their stocks. Information discussed herein has been provided by the companies and should be verified independently with the companies and a securities analyst. MoneyTV provides companies a 3 to 4 month corporate profile with multiple appearances for a cash fee of $11,500.00 to $17,250.00, does not accept company stock as payment for services, does not hold any positions, options or warrants in featured companies. The information herein is not an endorsement by the hosts Donald Baillargeon and Skip Lindeman, the producers, publisher or parent company of MoneyTV.

     Contact:     Donald Baillargeon     Executive Producer     MoneyTV     949 388 5267           

Source: MoneyTV, BioCurex, Inc., XsunX, Inc., Sunrise Energy Resources, Inc., Itronics, Inc.