"We are delighted with the recognition" says Joe Grimes, COO of XsunX, "for the efforts we have made to work with state and local governments, local utilities and community colleges as well as being an advocate for continued growth in the solar sector." 
Mayor David Fuller states " Wood Village is a city that believes in strong partnerships with its local businesses.  We are very pleased with the cooperation that exists between XsunX, City staff and the Council of Wood Village.    We are pleased to receive the Business Development Success Story award and thank the Portland Development Commission's nomination of Wood Village for this prestigious award.  We see a bright future with XsunX adding significant jobs and growth to the local economy.”





Form 8-K for XSUNX INC
Date: 9/14/2007

 Form 8-K for XSUNX INC


Other Events

Item 8.01 Other Events

On September 7, 2007, XsunX initiated the final funding of disbursements under a Promissory Note and Loan Agreement dated January 1, 2007, between XsunX and a private technology development firm. Under the Promissory Note and Loan Agreement XsunX has funded and extended the principal amount of $1,500,000 dollars to the private firm. The Loan was made by XsunX in conjunction with a Technology License and Development Agreement between the parties, also dated January 1, 2007, providing XsunX with licensing rights to plasma deposition technologies for future use by XsunX in solar product manufacturing technologies.

Use of the licensed plasma technology by XsunX in any of its planned or future processes or products has and continues to be subject to completion of development by the private firm, substantiation of intended performance criteria under the agreements, and determination of commercial application suitability by XsunX.