"We are delighted with the recognition" says Joe Grimes, COO of XsunX, "for the efforts we have made to work with state and local governments, local utilities and community colleges as well as being an advocate for continued growth in the solar sector." 
Mayor David Fuller states " Wood Village is a city that believes in strong partnerships with its local businesses.  We are very pleased with the cooperation that exists between XsunX, City staff and the Council of Wood Village.    We are pleased to receive the Business Development Success Story award and thank the Portland Development Commission's nomination of Wood Village for this prestigious award.  We see a bright future with XsunX adding significant jobs and growth to the local economy.”





Press Release
Date: 9/21/2006

 ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Sept. 21, 2006 —— XsunX, Inc. (XSNX), provider of technologies for solar energy infrastructure and developer of Power Glass™, an innovative thin-film solar technology that is intended to allow glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the sun, today announces the appointment of Ms. Holly Jocoy to the position of MarComm Manager. In her new position Ms. Jocoy will focus on Marketing Communication at both national and international levels.

According to Joseph Grimes, the COO of XsunX, "Bringing Holly on board fulfills yet another step in our existing marketing plan. She will actively support Tom Djokovich, our CEO, and Kurt Richard Laetz, Vice President of Global Sales. With her strong marketing and journalistic background, Holly will also serve as our media and public relations source.

“XsunX has truly gained an experienced professional well-suited to the myriad of tasks inherent in an innovative, forward-thinking firm such as our own.”

Ms. Jocoy has already started work within our team to extend the Company’s corporate communications and branding, according to Mr. Grimes. She is actively working on the corporate website located at xsunx.com and materials in support of October trade shows.

Ms. Jocoy’s experience prior to joining XsunX includes marketing in support of financial industries plus journalistic service to the printing, automotive and targeted marketing communities. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising from San Diego State University.

About XsunX

Based in Aliso Viejo, Calif., XsunX is developing and commercializing innovative new thin film photovoltaic (TFPV) solar cell technologies and manufacturing processes to service expanding global energy demands. The Company has focused its efforts on lowering the cost per watt of solar power and making solar cell technology easier to use in a wide variety of applications. XsunX calls this dual improvement to cost and efficiency the XFactor(tm). The XFactor delivers licensee's solar cell designs that break the bounds of crystalline silicon dependency, rigid and limited-use form factors, and rapid efficiency loss. Equally important, the XFactor provides new manufacturing techniques that can significantly lower production costs and allow for easier additions to production capacities and technology upgrades without having to re-build and re-tool. Together, XsunX design and production innovations offer manufacturers of solar products exciting new application opportunities and reductions to the cost per watt of solar power. More information can be found at the Company's website: https://XsunX.com.