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Good morning,

Today’s newsletter provides updates to the topic on everyone’s mind – progress with the build of our CIGSolar™ tool. But first, we wanted to start with an update to our continued sales efforts.

Now that we have transitioned to the assembly stage of our CIGS evaporator system, key customers are eager to review our CIGSolar™ technology progress and are scheduling on-site visits.  Because of this, we have begun to host extensive meetings in efforts to detail and finalize system configurations and discuss license arrangements. Although there is still a lot of work to accomplish, this is an exciting time for XsunX as we work with our vendors and our customers to  move closer to completing this very important commercialization effort.

Since our last build update on November 29th, progress with the system assembly has been picking up significantly. The milling of the major evaporation chamber components was completed and the focus now is the assembly of all major parts. Welding of the chamber assembly has begun enabling you to start to see the shape and scale of the system. The main chamber was designed to allow for almost total access from either side enabling easy and rapid access during the system service cycles. The large access doors that make up the sides of the system are currently in the final stages of preparation and will soon be attached.

As the system continues to take shape, other component groups such as vacuum load locks, chamber heating assemblies, and the assemblies necessary to control movement of the solar cells through the system will be added. The very important and proprietary CIGSolar™ evaporation crucibles and crucible assemblies will be the last to be installed on-site at XsunX.

We invite you to visit our updated CIGSolar™ project update page where we are showing the latest pictures with brief descriptions of the work being performed on our CIGSolar™ evaporation system.

More updates to come and thanks for your time. Have a great week.
The XsunX Team
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