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Customer Testimonials

“Bottom line – XsunX does what they say they will do. We highly recommend their services to anyone interested in investing in a quality solar power system. Very informative from start to finish. Quality work and very impressed.”

Brannon Gardner
Liquinox Co.

“XsunX paid attention to detail, listened to our concerns, provided us with options, and delivered what they promised. We recommend business owners speak to XsunX if they are considering adding solar to their business operations.”

Hisano Kanazawa
Nissei America, Inc.

“We are more than pleased with the performance of XsunX and the results of their efforts. Prior to commencement they were very knowledgeable in guiding us through the financial aspects and benefits of our investment which we found very helpful.   XsunX provided excellent service in designing and planning our system and prepared very helpful detailed plans and drawings.  Once assembly of our system began, we learned that XsunX’s design catered to the specific needs or limitations at different areas of our roof to maximize the total number of solar modules we could place.   The optimization and inverter technology they employed is now allowing our system to perform better than predicted by the California solar calculator.   The installation is neat, clean, and very professional.

The Solar PV system has greatly exceeded our expectations.

From  start to  completion  we found  the company’s management  and  field  employees to  be professional  and  thorough.  We would highly recommend XsunX to companies interested in investing in a solar PV system.”

A Professional Law Corporation

“Please accept this letter of recommendation as our thanks for helping us to finally add solar to our properties. Each of the three systems you designed are now producing all of the energy that we need to operate our facility, and most importantly, our wells.  

We appreciate that XsunX invested the time to properly size our installation by adding a solar array to each of our power meters, and leveraging space with the use of both ground mounted and roof-top arrays with custom compound tilt racking to improve power production.

We are looking forward to years of clean power production, and would be more than happy to share our recommendation to use XsunX with anyone that asks.”

James Bentley
Bentley Ranch

“XsunX made sure our project had full time supervision, and continued to repair portions of our structure even after the city inspectors had approved the roof for re-roofing. They did not have to do that.

Our solar system has all but eliminated our kWh costs and we are looking forward to years of savings.

I recommend XsunX to anyone interested in taking advantage of commercial solar for their business.”

Evan Bell
Irv Seaver BMW

“Michelle & I were thinking about XsunX today.  We just found out from SCE our little solar farm produced more than we used!

At this point it looks like you coached us into a very intelligent business decision by going solar on our roof.”

Kindest Regards,
Bill Moses, Anchor Printing

“XsunX took the time to make sure things were done right. We are very pleased with our investment”

Daniel Welden
EMPI, Inc.

“Thank you for your assistance in helping us to realize a goal that we have had for some time- the addition of a solar energy systems to help power our motel properties.

In the past we had spoken to several solar contractors who only offered much smaller systems than the 50 module designs you provided for each of our buildings. This helped us to receive the maximum city cash incentives while also offsetting more of our power use from the local utility.

As I mentioned to you, I know many other owners of motels and I plan to recommend XsunX to anyone thinking of adding solar to their property.

Thank you again for your help and good work.”

Jay Patel
City Center Motel

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