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Commercial Roof-Top

Did You Know Commercial Roof-Top Solar is 4X Less Costly than Utility Power
On average every 200 square feet of commercial solar roof-top can provide:

● $500 or more per year in operating cost savings
● $4,000 in property value increase
● Over $2,000 in Federal TAX CREDITS?

With these benefits it’s no wonder why going solar makes sense – and solar makes dollar$$

We offer engineered mounted solutions that include,

Penetrating attachments firmly secure solar systems to structural members, and waterproofing techniques are fully warranted

Both flat and sloped metal roofing or metal accessory structures can be fitted for solar installation

And, if it’s time to re-roof XsunX offers professional re-roof services ensuring your solar investment enjoys decades of worry free operation.

Ballast (cement bricks) used to secure mounting systems require few roof penetrations

Engineered to withstand high winds and seismic activity ballasted systems offer excellent mounting solutions that adapt to available space.

Mounting systems can be adapted to varied roof types, orientations, and available areas to ensure maximum solar harvesting.

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