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That’s Right, XsunX’s Keep Your Cool Solar System Packages Help You to Convert Utility Payments Into Thousands of Dollars Without Costing You Another Dime!

Here’s how – Let’s say you use one of our zero down finance options to purchase an XsunX Keep Your Cool 25 package which is capable of eliminating about $225 per month in utility charges.


Here’s What The 1st Year Benefits Look Like*

Monthly Utility Savings Monthly Loan Payment Tax Credits Home Value Increase
$225 $179 to $219 $7,200 $27,000


Let’s Break Down the Incredible Benefits
You’ve stopped sending hard earned cash to Mr. Utility -$225/mo. of old utility bill
You now own your power for less per month $179/mo. new loan
(Remember, eventually these loan payments stop. Your utility payments would never have stopped!) $46/mo. less than before solar
You’ve earned a massive Federal Tax credit $7,200 cash refund or tax reduction
And, the future value of the solar power your system can produce has increased your home’s value $27,000

You’ve Turned $225/mo. of Your Utility Bill Into Thousands of Dollars in Savings and Benefits Without Costing You Another Dime!

 No Wonder Wall Street Bankers Are Investing In Solar

*Subject to credit approval. Provided as an example of savings to an existing $278/mo bill. Actual savings and benefits may vary.

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