Commercial & Residential Solar Solutions

December, 2010

Newsletter: Sales and Marketing Progress Update

To Our Valued Shareholders, In this week’s XsunX newsletter, we’re happy to offer a departure from the technology update and instead provide some insights on the progress we’ve made in 2010 in the sales and marketing division of our company, as well as our marketing plans for 2011. And as indicated by world-wide interest, the […]

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Newsletter: Important development update of the CIGSolar thermal co-evaporation crucibles

To Our Valued Shareholders, This week we’re pleased to share updates associated with the development of an important component of our process – the thermal co-evaporation crucibles. In our previous newsletter of November 30th we outlined that our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Mr. Robert G. Wendt, had developed a revised thermal co-evaporation systems idea approaching […]

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