Leveraging 30 Years of PV Progress

XsunX is currently commercializing its Power Glass™ technology for licensing opportunities in the commercial glass, thin-films, and plastics industries. The following are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the licensing of our technology. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please email us at .

Q: What products will XsunX provide or market?
A:We are developing various processes for the manufacture of semi-transparent PV coatings for applications on various substrates such as glass and thin-film plastics. Rather than attempt to manufacture and compete within well established markets, XsunX intends to license our processes to manufactures and fabricators worldwide. These companies will in turn manufacture and provide a diverse group of next-generation PV products addressing the needs of their various market niches.

Q: When will licensing opportunities be available?
A: We started our marketing campaign in October 2006and are actively seeking licensees.

Q: When will technical specifications become available for suitability and applications analysis?
A:During the balance of development efforts, we will continue to provide periodic news updates pertinent to the progress of our R&D efforts. However, technical specifications are rapidly becoming available for highly qualified OEMs.

Q: Many new technologies provide beta opportunities. Will there be such opportunities available with XsunX?
A:To receive information on beta opportunities, please fill out our request information form.

Q: What applications or products do you see having the greatest suitability for the XsunX PV glazing processes?
A:Architectural glass and plastics for uses in BIPV systems design such as window, display, roof, canopy, and exterior façade applications. Other applications may exist in an array of product types and industries.

Q: Will there be regional incentives available for use of XsunX PV systems?
A:Yes. Globally, many countries, states, regions, and utilities have special programs to encourage the development of the solar industry. The XsunX Power Glass™ technology produces a true photovoltaic coating that, when exposed to light, produces electricity. We anticipate that these properties will qualify products employing our process for various incentive programs.

Q: What may be some of the economics for use of Power Glass™ technologies?
A:Power Glass™ technology, applied to the already quite large and established glass and building industries, may enable solar energy production to enter mainstream markets because it can readily become integral to the designs of buildings. Builders and manufacturers of building products already use glass, plastic and other materials, so they may be especially attracted to the economic and marketing benefits of using the same materials to produce electrical energy, while continuing to function as window or display surfaces.

End-user application economic factors will include the size of the application which will determine the amount of potential power generation, amount of sunlight available at the project location, local utility rates, solar incentives, tax credits, reduction of dependency on grid based energy services, green power selling channels, public and environmental relations value.

Q: How can I be kept updated on XsunX licensing opportunities and find out more information?
A: Submit a request sale information form and we will provide you with updated information.