Electrical power affects almost every aspect of life and the growing worldwide demand is taxing the ability of traditional energy sources.  Electricity, and the things it produces and powers, surrounds us. 

Solar energy also surrounds us.  The power of the sunlight reaching the surface of Earth far exceeds any other power source available to us.  By capturing the power of the sun, the solar energy industry holds the promise of solving the world’s energy needs.  The challenge is to provide low cost solutions that deliver electricity conveniently and efficiently to the user, when and where they need it, on-grid or off.    

The solution lies in thin film photovoltaics.  Thin film photovoltaic cells not only use a fraction of the silicon used in traditional silicon wafer solar cells, it is derived from readily available gases.  They are also light weight and are easy to integrate into a wide variety of applications for producing power. 

The market for solar cells is currently dominated by heavy and bulky silicon wafers, which comprise over 90 percent of production.  These silicon wafer solar cells remain largely unchanged in efficiency and functionality, despite thirty years of development efforts.  In addition, limited availability of silicon feed stocks for computer chips and solar cells is resulting in significant price increases and the delay in the delivery of products.

XsunX is focused on delivering innovative thin film technologies to manufacturers in order to address this growing market. Examples of industries placed to benefit from the use of thin film photovoltaics include:

  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics where the windows, roofs and exterior walls of buildings are turned into skins used to collect solar power.
  • Military Applications for light weight and portable self-contained power production.
  • Automotive where light weight is critical and the solar power collected can augment the electrical systems of hybrids as well as operate emergency communication systems when the battery dies.
  • Recreation where sails on boats and roofs on RV’s can be used to provide clean solar power, replacing noisy and smelly gas generators.
  • Consumer Products where there is an almost endless demand for portable devices that require electricity.   
XsunX allows manufacturers to provide products to these new markets by developing and licensing advanced solar solutions.