Advanced Cell Designs

The XsunX approach applies technologies for the production of thin film variants of silicon (Si) solar cells using various processes to form the necessary top and bottom transparent conducting oxides (TCO) as contacts, Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) to form the photovoltaic cores, and patterning techniques to generate either serially connected or discrete solar cells.

Expanding Thin Film Applications and Enhanced Performance, XsunX offers thin film technologies for production, including:

Power Glass®
for semi-transparent and opaque applications on both flexible and rigid substrates – a patented Amorphous Silicon cell structure offering the advantages of cost effective monolithically integrated solutions for use in architectural glass, building materials, and consumer products.

Hybrid Nano Crystalline for high performance opaque applications rivaling silicon wafer efficiencies – a patent-pending cell structure combining nc-Si and a-Si layers exceeding the performance characteristics of tandem and multi-junction Si solar cell designs without the limiting aspects of current matching, stability, and performance degradation.