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Press Releases

04/05/2016 XsunX, Inc. Builds Growing Presence in California as Latest Commercial Solar Project is Commissioned

Company stands at the forefront of a growing sector in the renewable energy market that provides solutions unhindered by common logistical challenges associated with traditional roof-top applications.

03/15/2016 XsunX Continues Expansion in Solar Carport Development as Industry Forecasts Bolster
01/12/2016 XsunX Reports Strong Revenue Growth of Over 300% for 2015 from its Solar Power Solutions Business

Company poised for expansion in 2016 through cost reductions to its solar carport product group

11/17/2015 XsunX Experiencing Positive Sales Trend for Commercial Solar Projects

Growing trend in solar investment decision making from “why” to “why not” bodes well for solar sales  

10/14/2015 XsunX Adds Prominent Solar Lead Generation Platform

Relationship with 1-800-Solar USA expands XsunX sales opportunities in the growing residential solar market

10/06/2015 XsunX Identifies Tailored Financing as Key for Taking Advantage of High-Growth Commercial Solar Sector


With key capabilities and relationships, the Company continues to pursue growing opportunity in the Southern California market

06/02/2015 XsunX Secures Two Large Commercial Solar Projects

Company’s recent strategic expansion of operations to include direct design and construction of solar carport systems continues to drive business development

05/20/2015 XsunX Leverages Construction Expertise to Drive Sales Results

Improved pricing results in early sales success as the Company targets solar carport market

05/06/2015 XsunX Identifies Vast Growth Potential in Community Solar Market

Recent report published by industry analysts indicates potential for shared solar to represent 32% to 49% of distributed PV market by 2020

04/14/2015 XsunX Begins Build Out on Two Large Commercial Solar Projects

Momentum grows as Company expands factory direct material sourcing to reduce costs and increase project competitiveness 

03/11/2015 XsunX Comments on Recent Solar Industry Funding Announcements and Predictions

Company identifies growing mainstream adoption as companies such as Apple, Google, and Duke Energy pursue solar

02/26/2015 XsunX Customer Service Commitment Shines in Working Through California Solar Incentive Process


Oversubscribed incentives program required project completion speed, flexibility, and various technical approvals in a compressed time period

02/11/2015 XsunX Comments on Solar Industry’s Booming Job Market


Proposed 2016 US Federal budget would bolster job growth within renewable sectors by stabilizing federal tax credits

02/03/2015 XsunX to Install Solar Project for Wireless Services Provider


45kW Deal Expected to Provide Client 100% Return and Significant Cost Savings

01/13/2015 XsunX Announces Largest Solar Installation Agreement in Company History

Following a Year Focused on Operational Infrastructure, Company Seeks Explosive Growth in 2015

10/28/2014 XsunX Reports Commercial Solar Systems Sales Incorporating New Power Management Features Now Total Over 146kW

Company Leverages Facility Wide Power Management Benefits of Its Solar System Designs to Close Commercial Sales


10/14/2014 XsunX Adds Enterprise Power Management to Its Commercial Solar Power Systems

The company’s expanded offering provides additional energy savings and faster paybacks for solar investments

09/30/2014 XsunX to Deliver 117kW Commercial Solar System

Company Closes Big Order and Launches New “Zero Cost” Solar Marketing Campaign

08/19/2014 XsunX Reports Increased Revenues and New Sales Opportunities

Company Continues to Meet Gross Margin and Sales Channel Growth Expectations

07/29/2014 XsunX Continues to Build on Increasing Demand for Commercial Solar Systems


U.S. Federal report highlights big gains for solar energy through 2040

06/24/2014 XsunX Sees Accelerating Sales in Lucrative Southern California Solar Market


Company Adds Over 1 MW of Commercial Solar System Proposals in June Alone

05/20/2014 XsunX Reports Increased Revenues


Company Sees Increased Sale of New Solar Systems and Meets Gross Margins Target

05/05/2014 XsunX Expanding Sales Efforts in Lucrative Southern California Solar Market


Company Increasing Its Sales Force and Financing Options for Commercial Solar Projects

04/10/2014 XsunX Expands Financing Options to Include a Low-Cost Solar PV System Purchase Strategy for its Commercial & Industrial Clients


Company Continues to Add to New Commercial Solar System Sales and Expands Finance Options to Better Service Clients’ Business Needs  

01/28/2014 XsunX Starts 2014 with New Commercial Solar Systems Sales

Company Focused on Building Sales and Brand Recognition in the Southern California Region

12/30/2013 XsunX Set to Benefit from Pent Up Demand for Commercial Solar Systems

Company Sets 2014 Goal to Grow Systems Sales and Installations to 1MW per Month in Southern California

12/19/2013 XsunX to Deliver Several New Commercial Solar Systems

Company Now Qualifies to Offer up to $1 Million for Solar PV Project Financing and Secures an Additional 20kW New Commercial Solar System Project in Southern California

12/16/2013 XsunX Announces Sales and Building Momentum Into 2014

Company Launches Media Campaign Targeting Southern California Area

12/05/2013 Building Marketable Advantages

XsunX Focused On Conversion of Commercial Roofs and Open Spaces into Profitable Assets

10/16/2013 XsunX Future Looks Bright

Company Rolls Out New Solar Power Project Development Services This Week

11/15/2012 XsunX Readies New CIGSolar® System for Demonstrations


Company Announces Assembly Completion of its New CIGSolar® TFPV Solar Cell System and Begins Readying System for Customer Demonstrations

10/02/2012 XsunX to Complete CIGSolar™ Deposition System Assembly This Month

Recent Expansion into New CIGSolarTM Marketing and Technology Demonstration Facility Is on Fast Track Completion Schedule

07/03/2012 XsunX CIGSolar™ Moves Closer to First Customer Demonstrations

Company Expands Into New Facility and Secures Institutional Investment While Focusing on the Final Assembly of Its Patent Pending CIGSolarTM Technology

07/12/2011 NREL Testing Confirms 16.3% Efficiency for XsunX CIGSolar™


16.3% Supports Technology Approach of Small Area Processing to Produce

Commercially Viable Results

04/04/2011 XsunX Teaming With MAG Industrial Automation Systems

MAG to help provide CIGSolar™ customers with turn-key back-end process equipment and world-class 24/7 Global Service and Parts support

03/02/2011 XsunX Signs Joint Business Agreement with Solar Module Manufacturer

Taiwanese firm is the first commercial customer for the company’s breakthrough CIGSolar™ technology

11/10/2010 XsunX Reaches 15.1 Percent Conversion Efficiency

Cross-Industry CIGSolar™ Product Advances at Tremendous Rate    Toward Commercial Market

10/19/2010 XsunX Produces CIGSolar™ Cell Devices that Surpass 14% Conversion Efficiency

This achievement supports the Company’s assertion that small-area, co-evaporation production provides the best platform to deliver the highest efficiency CIGS based solar cells necessary to compete with and potentially replace silicon photovoltaic (PV) technologies.

03/08/2010 XsunX Moves Closer to Commercializing Its Innovative Technology for the Replacement of Silicon Solar Cells

Completion of Hybrid Chamber Design Represents Significant Milestone

03/02/2010 XsunX Invited to Present at International Workshop on CIGS Solar Cell Technology in Germany

Companys Chief Technology Officer Will Take Stage Alongside Internationally Renowned CIGS Experts

01/05/2010 XsunX Achieves Crucial Development Milestone: Announces Completed Hybrid CIGS Thin-film Solar Device
11/23/2009 XsunX CTO to Address Thin-film Leaders at Second Annual Thin-film Solar Summit U.S.

Robert Wendt to Discuss Thin-film Technology Breakthroughs during Panel Presentation in Silicon Valley.

09/21/2009 XsunX and Intevac Team Up to Develop Breakthrough Thin-film Photovoltaic Manufacturing Technology

XsunX and Intevac to Leverage Cross-Industry Expertise to Improve Thin Film Solar Cells

08/11/2009 XsunXs Hybrid Solar Cell Technology Captures Medias Attention

XsunX featured on prominent green tech websites

07/20/2009 XsunX Receives Positive Response to Cross-Industry CIGS Technology
  New Solar Cell Manufacturing Method Is Praised by Experts at Major Trade Show
07/14/2009 XsunX Unveils New Plan to Revolutionize the Solar Industry with Breakthrough Cross-Industry Technology

Mass Production Technology to Bridge Gap Between Inexpensive Thin-Film and Higher Efficiency Silicon Wafer Technologies

06/18/2009 XsunX Announces Plans To Accelerate Growth
  New Focus on Proprietary Technology Development, Marketing Strengths, and Sales
04/21/2009 XsunX Elevates Joseph Grimes to President and Robert Wendt to Chief Technology Officer
11/30/2007 Dr. Michael A. Russak Joins XsunX Board of Directors
  Dr. Michael A. Russak Joins XsunX Board of Directors
11/12/2007 Experienced Business Development and Management Professional Added to XsunX Board of Directors

Experienced Business Development and Management Professional Added to XsunX Board of Directors

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