Solar power has emerged as a viable clean energy source, achieving worldwide acceptance and spurring dynamic growth.  The mission of XsunX is to become a core technology provider to the OEMs who manufacture products that integrate the properties of solar energy.
XsunX is focused on lowering the cost of solar power generation and increasing solar energy applications through the development of unique thin film photovoltaic (TFPV) materials, designs, and manufacturing processes.  The XsunX vision is that through technological innovation, the cost of solar power generation can continue to be reduced while increasing the spectrum of solar energy applications. 

To achieve this vision, XsunX engineers work with our Scientific Advisory Board (SA) and our research and development partners.  Our SA Board includes over 30 years of experience in commercializing advanced thin film processes and includes recognized leaders in solar technology development from major academic institutions in the U.S.  XsunX also utilizes experienced scientific consultants, industry partners, government research agencies, and academic institutions.