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Energy Everywhere

With enough energy from the sun reaching our planet every minute to supply the world’s energy needs for a whole year, the solution to our ever increasing energy demands is all around us in the form of sunlight. Developing technology to capture and convert as much of the sun’s energy into usable electrical energy is the business of XsunX. The result is Power Glass™ technology.

XsunX Vision

XsunX believes that the wide scale use of architectural glass as a power-generating platform to provide a break-through technological application innovation will make solar energy economically feasible and provide an opportunity for the solar energy market to explode.

XsunX Mission

XsunX intends to maximize shareholder value by being the recognized leader in the Building Integrated Photovoltaics industry. The Company aims to commercialize the XsunX Power Glass™ solar cell structure and manufacturing process as a competitive alternative to non-energy producing coatings and glazing for applications in the worldwide architectural glass, optical film, and plastics markets.


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