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XsunX believes that the integration of alternative energy producing technologies into our environments will be part of an inevitable progression of the development of new energy sources for the next century as the world creates a new energy economy based on clean and renewable energy sources.

Our Markets

The Company's management believes that one of the primary markets for XsunX Power Glass™ technology will be the makers and fabricators of glass. In today’s, highly competitive, multi-billion dollar glass industry, the advantages of XsunX transparent solar cell technology is not only quite clear, but also highly anticipated. This is especially true in the market for architectural glass, which is a very large industry, generating worldwide revenues in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Our Strategy

The Company's strategy is to complete the development and commercialization of its Power Glass™ process, and then enter into licensing relationships with channel partners who will manufacture and distribute products made with XsunX solar electric glass technology.

XsunX technology, applied to the already quite large and established glass and building industries, will enable solar energy-production to enter mainstream markets because it can readily become integral to the designs of buildings. Builders and manufacturers of building products already use glass, plastic and other materials, so they may be especially attracted to the economic and marketing benefits of using the same materials to produce electrical energy while continuing to function as window or display surfaces.

XsunX intends to be a technology leader in the field of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).
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