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Making Solar Energy Available to All

Great minds thrive improving the quality of life. They are compelled by the concept of “what if.” XsunX is in the business of turning solar energy “what ifs” into reality.

Solar power has evolved over the past thirty years, yet the potential of the solar energy market has been stifled by old technology. Costly and rigid, the silicon wafer cells that currently turn sunlight into power limit the scope of solar power applications. The XFactor – when the core technologies being developed by XsunX are integrated into building materials and other products – will change that.

The technology breakthroughs being developed by XsunX are the result of a corporate restructuring plan that took place in October 2003. At that time XsunX acquired three recently issued U.S. Patents for the design, manufacture and use of semi-transparent thin film solar cells on transparent substrates. The following year the company extended its capabilities and business opportunities with the acquisition of an even greater range of patent assets and technology expertise. As it brings its technologies and manufacturing systems to market, XsunX will partner with manufacturers and integrators that can produce and install solar energy systems for the global market.

The first XsunX technology introduced to the marketplace is Power Glass™, a semi-transparent thin-film solar cell that manufacturers can place on inexpensive plastics used to apply transparent and photovoltaic glazing to glass and other transparent surfaces. When Power Glass glazing is exposed to light, the light energy is converted into electrical energy for use as a power source.

Power Glass is only part of the XsunX story. XsunX is also developing a unique flexible opaque solar cell technology that can be applied to non-glass surfaces, such as roofing materials and contoured building facades. Incorporating nano-crystalline technology, this innovative solar cell design will also be more efficient and less costly to produce than current silicon wafer-based solar cells, making it a cost-effective alternative to first-generation solar technology.

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