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Leveraging 30 Years of PV Progress

XsunX is commercializing its patented technology, and developing new technology, through the contracting for research, development, and commercialization processes with certain qualified facilities. We believe that this product development process provides the Company with the fastest path to marketable products, the maximization of corporate resources, and, the broadest access to device, optical, and material engineering facilities and technical expertise.

XsunX has established a strategic relationship with Colorado based MVSystems, Inc. that designs, builds, and delivers state-of-the-art manufacturing tools designed specifically for the thin film semiconductor market. MVS is equipped with both the technical staff and tools necessary for the development and commercialization of the XsunX glazing process. The terms of the working relationship provide XsunX with complete R&D facilities without mark-up for profit on the use of staff and equipment. This helps XsunX to avoid costly outlays of capital by eliminating the need to duplicate similar facilities.
MVS Research Facility

Under the guidance of Dr. Arun Madan, MVSystems founder and the Chairman of the XsunX Scientific Advisory Board, MVSystems is spearheading the coordination of other research facilities and the development of commercially viable processes for the manufacture of large area semi-transparent solar cell systems and manufacturing processes.


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