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Expanding the Role and Use of Our Environments

The ability to incorporate large amounts of solar cells onto a structure provides for significant opportunities to produce greater amounts of usable energy. Further benefits can be derived from incorporation of these large amounts of solar cells into common building materials such as glass and plastics.

Today, the use of architectural glass and transparent plastics in the design and construction of commercial and industrial facilities is staggering in scope. The world-wide markets for these glass and laminates reaches into the hundreds of billions. Energy producing Power Glass™ glazing applied to the transparent surfaces of these commercial and industrial buildings provides the opportunity for substantial benefits as a competitive alternative to non-energy producing coatings and glazing. The electrical power generated can be used to run building systems and reduce dependency on grid-based power supplies.

Builders and manufacturers of building products already use glass, plastic, and other materials, so they may be especially attracted to the economic and marketing benefits of using the same materials to produce electrical energy while continuing to function as window, display, or façade surfaces. In the future, XsunX believes that a substantial portion of electrical power can be generated in dense urban areas using Power Glass™ glazing.
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