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Massive Market Growth and Potential

One of the most compelling aspects to the solar electric opportunity is the shear size and scope of the present antiquated energy marketplace which, in the U.S. alone, stands at over $350 billion annually. Solar cell technology represents one of the fastest growing segments of developing new energy sources growing by more than 30% annually.

Security Issues

Security has become central to U.S. and international policy in the aftermath of September 11th, making clean and distributed energy sources a critical part of any balanced and secure energy portfolio. XsunX solar technology can provide an excellent source for distributed energy sources which allow substantial amounts of energy production on-site, without dependence on vulnerable centralized electricity plants and grids.

Energy Uncertainty

Uncertainty in energy sources has been exemplified by social unrest, terrorism, increasing power shortages, volatility in price, and access to even ample supplies of energy. Distributed power generation in the form of local and on-site renewable energy production is now becoming the focus of many government and business leaders.

Pressing Environmental Issues

Notably, global climate change and health issues have stepped up pressure on countries, companies, and communities to find and use more environmentally friendly ways to meet the world’s growing power needs. The growth of clean-energy technologies is at the top of nearly every government’s, and multi-national organization’s, list of solutions to offsetting rising costs stemming from growing environmental issues.

The Rise of the Developing World

China, India, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe are creating massive new business opportunities for the renewable energy marketplace. Business and governments in these areas are seeking leapfrog energy technologies that help avoid the need for costly power grids and dependence on oil.

The XsunX Application Makes Sense

Every technology has a point in which it becomes relevant both socially and economically. For solar energy its social relevance became evident 30 years ago but its economic and commercial relevance is just now emerging. The potential to spur this relevance exists in XsunX Power Glass™ glass technology. XsunX technology fills the voids in today’s solar cell systems by allowing the production of solar electricity to become part of our environment as a natural use of space. Power Glass™ technology makes more sense of how we use our environments and draw the most from them.

Leading the way XsunX Power Glass™ semi-transparent glazing provide a perfect fit for the wide scale integration of real energy producing products into our environments, without causing disruptive and costly changes to lifestyles.


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