Technology That Provides High Performance for Low Cost Solar Products

We hear it all of the time -- manufacturing system providers and solar module manufacturers present their systems or products touting either the lowest per watt manufacturing costs or the highest module power ratings. .  While some technologies provide certain benefits, (and we at XsunX have presented the operating benefits of amorphous thin films as a low cost solution) no one technology or manufacturing solution to date has delivered both high power performance AND low cost per watt manufacturing efficiencies.
The XsunX CIGS Production Line is being developed to overcome this barrier that has plagued the solar industry since its inception. XsunX has estimated that based on only 12% efficiency, far from the full potential of CIGS, per watt factory productions cost for solar modules could approach $.80 cents per watt. At the same time elegant CIGS wafers used as building blocks allow for the design of large area solar modules that out perform the thin film competition and while potentially under pricing the silicon wafer markets.