Commercial & Residential Solar Solutions

Irv Seaver BMW, Orange CA

Solar Panel Installation Orange CA

Retail & service center energy costs had been rising for years before the addition of an XsunX solar system

Project Specifications

System Type:
Fixed Tilt 10⁰ Multi – Roof Mount

System Size:
44.8kW – 176, 255 watt panels

kWh Production 1st yr/25 yr Cumulative:
66,207 / 1,544,560

Net 25/yr Cost Per kWh:
$.035 cents

Customer Testimonial

“XsunX made sure our project had full time supervision, and continued to repair portions of our structure even after the city inspectors had approved the roof for re-roofing. They did not have to do that.

Our solar system has all but eliminated our kWh costs and we are looking forward to years of savings.

I recommend XsunX to anyone interested in taking advantage of commercial solar for their business.”

Evan Bell
Irv Seaver BMW

Existing Aged Roof was Removed and Replaced

PV Arrays Were Added to All Available Areas